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Watched this US propaganda and found it rich on info about pre-WWII Japan. It's important to remember that propaganda isn't automatically the same as lies, hard to believe that Japan is the same country nowadays. Since the "Beef Stroganoff" song was posted a lot on /f/ I thought I could tie this together with it and maybe get some more people to learn about old Japan. I had to include the scene after the song in the anime when they remark upon the fact that beef stroganoff doesn't have to be made with beef, something that people usually find especially amusing in the song. In the background of the video I put an areal photo of the Unit 731 complex, a place where Japan committed war crimes equal to or worse than the nazis. I altered the subtitles at the end by extracting the original ones from a subbed release, changing them and then hard-coding them back into the video. Then finally I cut out the piece of the video I wanted to put in the flash. Yasukuni Shrine is where the ghosts of soldiers that has sacrificed themselves for their country go, it was a high honor to end up there.
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife + Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Know Your Enemy: Japan (USA, 1944)
 AUDIO:  Song in "Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX ep 03 (2015)".

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