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(There could be newer flashes that hasn't been added here yet. I'll get around to it eventually.)

These are *almost all flash files that I've created myself over the years. Some are not on the list because I don't want to connect them with me. Others are not on the list because they are new and I've not put them here yet (I won't update the list as soon as I make something, I'll do it a couple at a time).

Each flash has received a color code that represents how "sexual" it is.

Green=Not very sexy at all. Should be safe for work in most places where people don't give a damn about stuff like for example violence and only care about nudity and pornograpy.
Yellow=Contains material that's a little edgy or even erotic in some fashion. Implied sexuality. This covers a big range, everything from just kissing to light clothing to weird camera angles.
Red=Visible penis, vagina or female nipple.
Purple=Haven't bothered to rate this yet.
Gray=A mystery...

The list order is nothing fancy, it goes from newest to oldest. But each flash has been put in a category represented by some capitalized letters. You can use CTRL+F to jump between category entries in the list.

LOOP=A basic random flash loop. May have "light" ActionScript, or none at all.
L∞P=A more "advanced" flash loop. Usually has nifty ActionScript or several music tracks.
ANI=Flash animation with a beginning and an end.
GAME=Playable flash game.
CLIP=It's basically just a video embedded in a flash file.
INAC=Interactive, you need to change between pages yourself.
THRE=An archived thread.
APH=Flash loop: Anon Party Hard.
SIMF=Flash loop: Simpsons or Futurama themed.
HYBR=Hybrid, most likely a movie first and then it ends as a loop.
SWF=Haven't bothered to categorize this yet.

As you can tell a lot of the flashes doesn't have a text attached to them, however I plan to comment them all sometime before the day I die. It's not something I look forward to doing so don't hold your breath.

Thumbnail screenshots were taken from the first frame of the flash file. Sometimes it doesn't look like anything, I might replace those that turned out bad in the future.

The WAV music loops used in my flash loops can be downloaded in this huge thread. Feel free to use them in your own flashes if you like. I have made more music loops than flash loops so there are some songs in that thread that doesn't appear in this list.

----->       Got anything you want to say or ask? Please post in this thread!

Note 1: You can click the file size to go to the flash's home page on swfchan.
Note 2: Feel free to download and spread these flashes as much as you want to!
Note 3: Audio and/or visual source is usually included inside the flash file itself but hidden outside the stage. You can use the [TALL] JavaScript link to reveal the source if it's not noted in the flash's listing text. Sometimes in the older flashes I put the source to the left of the stage instead of below it, then you can use the [WIDE] link.
Note 4: Flashes without a text have had their date automatically set; they may appear at an incorrect position (though it's mostly correct or near correct). If the flash has a text it means I have verified the date.

UPDATE 5may2018: To commemorate the day that swfchan had been online for 10 years I decided to finally update this page. The text above was written in May 2012 and after that there were no further changes for six years. I plan to try and update within five years next time!

* = While I previously omitted many flashes from this list I've now decided to list them as "mystery flashes". The only published info about them is the month and year they were created (the day is always set to 1 of that month), other than that it's a mystery which flash it is! I can reveal that these are most often of pornographic nature or just extra poor YouTube videos. Note that the list is still incomplete due to the fact that there's a bunch of mystery flashes missing from before 2012. I'll try to find my old drive for the next update just for completeness sake. Then I'll also try to lift over all the legacy comments from

The newly added "pop" number next to the filesize is a kind of metric of the file's popularity. It's calculated from the number of threads archived on the flash's wiki divided by the number of months it has existed, and then multiplied by 1000 and rounded. Note that it's a static number that only gets updated whenever I manually change this list. It's also a little misleading since it doesn't take into account the natural dropoff in interest a flash gets with age. So newer flashes will get an edge in its pop number since people haven't had time to grow tired of it yet. It would have been a more fair metric if new threads for very old flashes gave a little boost in points since it demonstrates that the swf has sustainability.

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 SWF27apr2016Macsplaining.swf9.84 MiB 308 pop
Clever and might make one think.
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife
 SWF26apr2016geriatric1927.swf9.97 MiB 115 pop
A little tribute to the Internet Grandad. Farewell videos on YouTube by people who know they are going to die soon invokes a special kind of feel in me.
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife
 SWF11apr2016Luanne.swf2.75 MiB 1038 pop
After using Flash Pro CS6 for a long time I was wondering what new and exciting things Adobe had done with flash so I installed Flash CC 2015 and made this loop. Then I went back to CS6 and have been there ever since. Was disappointed with the direction Adobe took flash; they removed the possibility to embed XML data for some reason and they removed the useful CTRL+ALT test window (no more bandwidth profiler and download simulation). Why...? The small upgrades were not worth those major downgrades, the only useful thing I found was that smoothing was now auto-enabled for images but that only saves a few seconds of work. They MAY have also brought back the ability to import SVG images in CC 2015? I can't recall. If so that was also a useful feature but not something I use much when I make my flashes (but boy do I miss SVG in CS6, especially since you were able to import it in an earlier version of Flash Pro).
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CC 2015
 VISUALS: King of the Hill S04E15 Naked Ambition
 AUDIO:  Apparat - Holdon
  Apr2016unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
 SWF3mar2016Cat Review.swf6.13 MiB 222 pop
An old man reviews Dinkle, his cat. YouTube seems to have deleted this video for some reason.
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife
 SWF18feb2016oneblankman.swf3.00 MiB 821 pop
Wanted to loop a nicer part from this fight but this part looped to well. A different part made a nice background for the source bar!
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife + Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: One-Punch Man (ep 11)
 AUDIO:  (Zombies) bignic - Modern
 SWF2feb2016all you can do is live with it.swf9.85 MiB 821 pop
The first "proper" H.264 flash loop, with a blurry pre-loader image and with some more effort put into making sure the audio starts playing at the same time as the video. I emulated Final Fantasy 12 International Zodiac Job System in PCSX2 1.4.0 and filmed the screen with CamStudio 2.6 (probably). Made it loop with a fade using ffmpeg. Let me tell you, this Playstation 2 game looks absolutely amazing in higher resolution! In 2017 they released an HD remake of FF12 (was even released on PC in 2018), I haven't played it yet but I bet they didn't do much except just increase the resolution. The textures in the original game are pretty high and I've noticed that most of these HD remakes lately usually skip work on many textures. There's an easter egg if you click the source bar, there are two audios to hear with samples from the game. The music becomes lower while they playback. Fran (left) and Balthier (center) had great English voices in this game, one of the few times I think the dub works better than the Japanese originals. Penelo is to the right, just to mention her name. The file name is from the last line spoken in the full music track. The reasoning was that Balthier is the self-proclaimed leading man in the game with responsibilities and "all you can do is live with it".
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife + Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System (English Translation v.22)
 AUDIO:  Dream Theater - Repentance
  Jan2016unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
  Jan2016unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
 SWF24nov2015gimbal.swf1.33 MiB 742 pop
Made this after reading up on why Unity Engine (and most other game engines) use quaternions to describe rotations in 3D space.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Random gif image from Wikipedia (a gimbal with 3 axes of rotation).
 AUDIO:  PrototypeRaptor - River Styx
 SWF11nov2015shipwreck.swf9.09 MiB 1000 pop
Had intended to make this right after I made yonder.swf (ripped both videos at the same time) but it ended up taking 6 years before I finally did it! Maybe for the best since it meant releasing it in much better quality (H.254). Whoever made the original video messed up a little, you can see the edge of one of the layers at one point in the top left corner if you look carefully.
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife + Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Anno 1404 (Dawn of Discovery)
 AUDIO:  Age of Empires 2 - T Station
 SWF29oct2015Hot Like Islam.swf5.58 MiB 1531 pop
This groove goes well with the movement they are doing. The filename comes from the fact that they are Islamic terrorists living in England in the sketches. The source bar has its own groovy visuals.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Monkey Dust S03E02
 AUDIO:  Pretty Lights - Hot Like Sauce
 SWF8sep2015Windows 95 Video Guide.swf29.95 MiB 30 pop
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife
 SWF8sep2015scratching post.swf4.00 MiB 545 pop
Finding a furry image that was not quite porn but not quite harmless was the hardest part of this joke.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Microsoft Windows 95 Video Guide
 SWF4sep2015contemplation.swf785.8 KiB 667 pop
The first frame appears on all frames with a cutout for the smoke to animate in. Could have saved a bit of bytes by not including the other frames in full but they are actually still there. Some spots (smudges) in the original video have been covered up with a mask. Funny enough I used the normal "contemplation" filename after the strange "contemptition" one. Very short audio in this loop, I didn't know what to match it against but think it turned out good.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: The Cockpit - Episode 1: Slipstream
 AUDIO:  Steve Aoki - Cudi the Kid ft Kid Cudi and Travis Barker
  Sep2015unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
  Sep2015unknown.swf? MiB ? pop
 SWF1sep2015The Eternal Calm.swf9.98 MiB 818 pop
First flash I've made after realizing how you can embed a video encoded with H.264 and with AAC audio into a swf container. Usually flash only supports that codec when streamed so what you need to do is embed the raw bytes of the video file into an ActionScript 3 class and then feed it into a stream as if it was read from elsewhere. First time I saw that being done was in but it was also done earlier in I goofed in this flash since the audio can start playing before the video has fully loaded! Had a little fun with the source below the visuals. I really like FFX btw, though I probably prefer FFXII over it just a little bit. What I like most about FFX-2 was the intro music, which is what you hear here.
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife + Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Final Fantasy X (HD Remaster)
 AUDIO:  Noriko Matsueda, Takahito Eguchi (FFX-2) - Eternity ~Memory of Lightwaves~
 SWF25aug2015deepweb.swf4.18 MiB 706 pop
What lurks in the depth of the deep? First time in ages I used tweens in a flash. The black thing moving is a from a gif of a guy wearing panthose, with an enlarged ball sack, that someone cropped away the top of and replaced with a flipped copy of the bottom half of the image. Check out the source bar in this one, it's pretty neat.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Two random gif images.
 AUDIO:  Dengue Fever - Under (Morgan Page Remix)
 SWF25aug2015Advection Burgers.swf3.01 MiB 765 pop
I can't remember how I stumbled over the word "advection", I think I started with looking up synonyms for fog/mist and clicked around a bit.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Two random gif images.
 AUDIO:  FURNS - Haunt Me (Hot Sand Remix)
 SWF24aug2015contemptition.swf969.8 KiB 941 pop
The strange filename is the combination of tit and contemplation, because I wonder what that bird is thinking. I rather like this flash loop.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Random gif image.
 AUDIO:  Maurits“禅”Cornelis - A Silent Voyager (MZC Flip Out The Hush House Mix)
 SWF24aug2015bowsing.swf921.3 KiB 500 pop
Peach perspective simulator.
 TOOL:  Adobe Flash Pro CS6
 VISUALS: Random gif image.
 AUDIO:  Apex - Inner Space
 SWF10aug2015The Real Sugar Baby.swf9.87 MiB 6294 pop
I swear to God I'm not the one posting this on /f/ all the time! I converted this video to test out a new combination of commands with ffmpeg.
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife
 SWF7aug2015hoodpranks.swf9.98 MiB 176 pop
At the height of the prank video cancer that was sweeping YouTube I found this video that pointed out how stupid it was. This was the first video I saw by h3h3.
 TOOL:  SwfH264 + The Swiff Army Knife
  Aug2015unknown.swf? MiB ? pop

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